Why would we need a Senior Advisor?

What is a Senior Advisor
A Senior Advisor is a professional that understands the unique challenges today’s older adults are facing.  They are equipped with the knowledge to assist in guiding older adults and their families through transitions that may come up as the aging process takes effect.  Whether that is bringing in extra assistance to live at home longer or transition into a senior living community, they have the resources to help make these decisions. Their main goal is to ensure older adults are living a life that is empowered by the resources available to them and remain as independent as safely possibly.  

Who could benefit from using a Senior Advisor
Older adults that are starting to consider senior living whether it is Independent, Assisted or Memory Care.  This may include the individual themselves, a spouse and often times the adult children.  

Why you should consider a Senior Advisor
Senior living has undergone many changes in the past 10 years and the different levels of care can be very confusing to differentiate.  A Senior Advisor can help sort through individual situations and guide their clients in the right direction.  This is especially valuable in the Omaha Metro area where there are more and more communities being established, making it harder to figure out which would be the best fit for an individual based on finances, lifestyle and medical need.  

When is a good time to start working with a Senior Advisor
The best time to begin this relationship is when an individual starts considering senior living, whether it’s simply to downsize, increased assistance is needed or memory changes are being noted.  However, this is not always the case and someone may need more immediate assistance with finding a community if they find themselves in the hospital or rehab unable to return home.  A Senior Advisor can work alongside the social workers in rehabs and hospitals to provide even more specialized guidance through the transition.  

Simple Senior Solutions – what separates them from the rest?
Simple Senior Solutions is owned and operated by individuals that have worked in nearly every area of senior living from a young age which has given them a very unique insight and respect for the older adult population.  They were both born and raised in small towns and are US Army veterans which has instilled a “work hard, always be honest and go the extra mile” mentality that has really allowed them to advocate for their clients in many different circumstances.  They use their experiences in life and senior living to provide extremely well-rounded assistance to their clients that is hard to match.  

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