What is a Senior Advisor?

  • An advocate
    • Our personalized consultation allows us to really get to know our clients and what their needs and wishes are for retirement living.
    • Provide mediation between the many communities and our clients to allow them to focus on what is really important, making an educated decision.
    • Our consultation often times goes beyond our client, we believe that it is very important to bring their family on board and ensure everyone is on the same page and also provide mediation if needed.  We really want families to provide a support role rather than guiding the ship to allow less stress on that relationship.  
  •  An educator
    • Different levels of senior living (Independent, Assisted, Memory Care, and Skilled Nursing Communities) and costs associated with each.
    • We stay up to date on the ever-changing industry rules and regulations so that our clients can rest easy knowing they’re in good hands with us and ultimately, the community of they’re choice.  
    • Navigating through long-term care insurance policies, veteran benefits, and the overall cost of senior living.  Andrew and I are both veterans of the US Army and have a burning passion to assist senior veterans and their spouses and educate them on the benefits available to them to assist with the cost of senior living.  
  • A wealth of resources
    • You can think of us like a real estate agent for senior communities.  We are a free resource for our clients as we are funded from the communities we are partnered with.  
    • We not only focus on helping our clients chose a senior community but the entire transition, making sure their affairs are in order to avoid bumps in the road later on.
    • We work closely with different companies that would benefit our clients through this transition; attorneys, financial advisors, realtors, estate sales, downsizing/moving and the list goes on.  Each company that we recommend has been vetted by us and we ensure that they have the same passion and work ethic as our company.  

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